WWW.Norton.Com/setup – Enter Norton Product key code – Norton Install with Product Key As we all know, this time depends entirely on digital media, and we rely entirely on it. For example, shopping online, paying bills, playing online games, watching online movies, etc. But we don’t know how dangerous it is. With the growing digital media world, day-to-day Internet criminal activity is growing.

Here’s a name of infection that can affect your computer and personal data and also have the power to destroy network security: viruses, bugs, malware can infiltrate our computers, Ios, Android, etc.

At this time, we’re not able to take complete care of our digital security, and by that we have to suffer significant data and information loss. In order to prevent malware and viruses from affecting all of your files it is important to have any antivirus on your computer, users can enable their antivirus online via Enter Norton Product Key Code.

How to Setup a Norton Account?

In order to track the connected devices or profile update, user needs to set up a Norton account. Using Norton’s setup account. If you have registered with Norton, you can also make additional purchases from the Norton Store. Remember that associating a Security license with Norton account is also important.

Follow the steps below to start the process of setting up the Norton account:

  1. Open Web Browser (Google Chrome Recommended)
  2. Visit URL:
  3. Click on Create New Account & Fill all required details
  4. Type a valid email address that you want your account to be associated with and create a new password.
  5. Remember these credentials because for future reference you might need them.
  6. User have to choose the region in which you live in this step.
  7. Once you do this, it’s time to read and agree to Norton’s privacy policy.
  8. Tap on ‘Create Account’ button to process for next step
  9. You are completing the process of setting up your Norton account with this. To download and install Norton products on your device, you will need this account and share your subscription with other devices.

How to Download and Install Norton Setup?

In order to download and install Norton setup on your desktop or laptop computer, you have to sing in with the Norton Account which you have created. If you are new user for Norton, then click on Sign-up button for creating a new Norton Account. You can start the download once you have signed in to the Norton account and then install the procedure on the device. Here’s how:

  • Sign in to the Norton account by visiting and use your email address and password to sign in to the system.
  • Click “Sign Up” button and enter the information if you are new Norton member.
  • Start the Norton setup, then tap the “Download Norton” button.
  • Enter the Norton activation code which you have bought from store
  • Tap the “Download Agree” button.
  • Now you can start the setup of Norton.
  • After the downloaded setup has been opened, you must follow the instructions on the display to finish the installation process.

How to Activate Norton Setup?

You need to go through its activation process first before you start using the Norton software. Follow the steps below to activate the Norton setup with the activation code:

  1. Open the Norton setup currently downloaded and installed on the computer.
  2. Double-click on the Setup icon for Norton.
  3. After that, Enter Norton product Key code
  4. Tap on “Activate” option.

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